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Filter Drying Equipment

Purpose: Filter Drying equipment is used for drying the Air Filters after cleaning(washable).

Description: This Equipment consisting of 10 micron filters, Dynamic Blowers and Strip Heaters Sections. This equipment is used to dry the filters after cleaning of the filters. After Cleaning, the filters should be kept in the Filter Drying equipment to dry the filters by using Blower & Strip Heaters of each 2 KW capacity (6 No.s) which is already provided in this equipment.

The main purpose of this equipment is to dry the Filters which are cleaned by water. In this Equipment Fresh Air is drawn from the atmosphere and enters into blower section, from there the air passes through the Strip Heaters section consisting of 2 KW capacities each (6 No.s) and the Air gets heat treated. After strip heaters section there will be a provision with service doors to place the Filters which are to be dried with this Hot air and this air will pass through these Filters, There will be a Protective mesh before and after the Filter Spacing Section for safety purpose. After drying of Filters, this hot air gets exhausted into atmosphere through Hot Air Exhaust Duct. This equipment is used to clean the Filters which are washable.